Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

Random link of the day.

Pictures of the construction of the Milleu Bridge in France.

There's a sort of genre of bridge in science-fictional illustrations from the early part of the last century, which are impossibly spindly and high up and long -- the sort that are essentially strung from the top of pillars with the proportions of telephone poles with nearly proportionate spacing, and little visible means of support between them, and so far in the air that the clouds go underneath them.

People don't usually build real bridges that look like that.

People especially don't usually build real bridges that look like that by setting up all the towers out across the valley floor, and then assembling the deck at the edges of the valley (with the tops of the towers on top of it, no less!) and then sliding it out across the towers until it meets in the middle.

Some of the pictures are completely incredible.

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