Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

Offline Livejournal Clients / Archiving

So I've been thinking about LiveJournal, and about data backups.

And, for those familiar with the company, about Photopoint.

For those unfamiliar with Photopoint, here's the story in short: About ... oh, probably a year ago now, they were among the first of the websites that offered free online photo hosting. And, being among the first, they were also one of the biggest. Many of my friends in the online model-car community used them to host significant collections of photos of cars (both model and real), and it was a big useful thing. Then, one day, the servers were down. They came up for a little bit, and went down again. Rumors wandered around that the corporate offices were empty and dark; this was quickly collaborated by photos. Shortly thereafter, they declared bankruptcy. Many of my friends didn't have backups of their photos, and hadn't had a chance to make copies because the collapse hit largely without warning....

LiveJournal is, in the community of people I know that use it, starting to become even more of a repository of important and meaningful information.

If I asked you all who had backups of your posts, I doubt I'd get even a single hand raised.

This is something I find distressing -- well, not so much that you don't, but that I don't. I find this distressing in part because I'm a hardcore information packrat, but partly because that there are legitimate reasons that I'd be sad to lose all of this data.

I think that what I want is an offline LiveJournal viewer / archiver. This shouldn't be a technically difficult thing to create -- in fact, there seems to be such a thing, to some extent, for Mac OS/X. Sigh; I have a PC. But what I really want is a daemon to put on my Linux box that will update its copies (including the comments, of course!) 24/7.

Does anyone know of such a program, other than the OS/X one? Or, for that matter, have suggestions of other sorts for this?

- Brooks

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