Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

Home now.

And I am quite tired. For all my west-coast friends who were staying up until midnight for New Year's -- that's when I was getting up, albeit on the east coast, to finish packing and drive to the airport to come home. The computer-system glitches at check-in turned out to not have serious ramifications, thanks to a properly-run airport which gladly held the flight an extra ten minutes to get us and our bags on board, and the gate-assignments for our connection were favorable, and we got to San Francisco a bit early even, and back home a little before noon. (Thanks to tiger_spot for the ride back to Stanford, and thanks to the Stanford police department for making a note to not consider my car abandoned and tow it while we were gone!)

Anyhow, more coherency tomorrow. I seem not to have much today.

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