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Food when I don't feel like cooking....

The recent heat wave here has, among other things, meant that I really don't feel like either cooking or going out to the grocery. Thus, our pantry is rather low on things that don't require effort to prepare. And it's a bit past lunchtime and I hadn't had lunch yet.

It turns out that a can of black beans, a half-cup of leftover "spicy tomato and pesto" pasta sauce from the previous night's dinner, a few assorted spices (crushed red pepper, black pepper, and ground cumin seed) and a bit of shredded cheddar cheese makes a quite passable chili. Not the best I've had, but quite tasty.

Some credit for inspiration should probably go to leback, who served us a very good homemade vegetarian chili (of the proper soak-the-beans-overnight sort) for dinner a few weeks ago.

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