Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

A simple summer recipe from my childhood.

It's been 85 degrees (F, not C, thankfully!) indoors in the shade here, which to my San-Francisco-Bay-acclimated system, feels quite unpleasantly hot. Luckily, there are things one can do to combat this:
Basic Frozen-Fruit Smoothie:
  • Fill a large glass with frozen fruit of some sort
  • Fill the interstices between the frozen fruit in the glass with milk
  • Dump the lot into the blender and puree until no longer chunky
Today's version of this was 2/3rds of a glass of mango, and the rest blueberry; it turned out quite deliciously well. My more usual versions involve just berries (since those are what's common in the store), but I think I'll have to try the mango more often; it makes a nice sort of base to offset the berries.

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