Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

There has, I gather, been a lot of kerfluffle on LJ about default icons showing images of nursing, and the ban thereupon.

A friend of mine wrote up this short essay on her view of the matter. If this kerfluffle is something that's at all important to you, I'd very much suggest that you read it.

The short form, though, is this: This is about the fact that U.S. laws on this sort of thing are vague, and that LiveJournal has a quite reasonable desire to avoid finding themselves in a precedent-setting lawsuit, regardless of whether they have a chance of winning that suit. My addition to that is: Regardless of whether you agree with the decision, if your protest has fewer teeth than "There's a credible threat that you could be sued over this," it's irrelevant and merely serves to increase the drama-fest.

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