Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

Why does my life feel like an Infocom game?

You are sitting at your computer desk. There is a banana peel here.
It is 12:30. You had a banana for breakfast. You are now hungry.
Hmm. What do I have that I can eat?
> s
You are in the dining room. You are hungry.
> look
There is a bag of yellow onions hanging from the rack of kitchen implements. They look remarkably appetizing.
Sure, they look appetizing. But that's a mirage; I would have to cook them, and that takes effort. What else do I have that I can eat?
> s
You are in the kitchen. You are hungry.
> look fridge
There is a large tupperware box of leftover pasta in the fridge.
Pasta! I can eat pasta! I don't have to cook it!
> take pasta
> take fork
> eat pasta
You eat a bite of the pasta while standing in the kitchen. The fork is somewhat ineffectual at scooping up the pasta, and makes unpleasant scraping noises against the bottom of the tupperware.
Right. I should use a spoon. That would work better.

> take spoon
> n
You are in the dining room. You are hungry.
> n
You are at your computer desk. You are hungry.
> eat pasta
You sit in your computer chair and eat the pasta. It is yummy. You are now full.


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