Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

Notes to Self: Restaurants

In the pile of extraneous books we're sorting through is a 2000 Zagat Survey for the San Francisco Bay Area. Before putting it in the box, I decided to flip through it to see if there was anything local that seemed interesting. I found the following, which I'm noting to myself here so I won't lose them. (And perhaps they'll be useful to someone else, or someone else will have comments on them.) I've no idea if these are still open -- six years is a long time in the restaurant business....
  • Amber India, 2290 El Camino, Mountain View. ($26)
  • Estampas Peruanas, 715 El Camino, Redwood City. ($22)
  • Nola, 535 Ramona St., Palo Alto. (n/a)
  • Pluto's, 482 University Ave., Palo Alto. ($13)
  • Swagat Indian Cuisine, 2700 W. El Camino, Mountain View. ($21)
That's leaving off Compadres (3877 El Camino, Palo Alto), Left Bank (635 Santa Cruz, Menlo Park), and Osteria (247 Hamilton, Palo Alto), all of which we've eaten at and found somewhere between very good and outstanding.

Definitely not enough to be worth keeping the book, but still useful.

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