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It's good to be home....

I went out this morning with my mother to the house of a friend of hers to borrow a pickup truck, for getting the Christmas tree in later this afternoon. (The friend's out of town, but he normally leaves the keys in the truck in case someone wants to borrow it, and we called him to confirm before he left.)

On the way down the one-lane road from our house to the main road, we noticed that there was a small tree down in the road, blocking about half of it -- enough out of the road that people could easily get past, though. On the way back it was still there, and so I stopped the truck and went to see if I could get it more out of the road, and as I was pulling on it, considered that it would make fairly good kindling for the fireplace. So I broke what I could of it up into manageable chunks, and then poked around in the truck and found a small saw, and cut the rest of it into four pieces that I could lift. And, all in all, had a nice 15 minutes of exercise while I was doing it.

A couple of people drove past while I was working on it; one of them stopped to ask if I'd hit the tree, since he saw a couple of bits of truck-grille in the snow where the base of it was -- I told him it sure looked like someone had, but it wasn't me. The other person just smiled and waved as he drove by.

It feels good to be home.

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