Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

In which I shall be 30.

Tomorrow -- the 15th -- is my 30th birthday.

I am not at all sure what to think of being 30 yet, so I shall save that for later, perhaps after I have experience in the matter. suzanne will point out to me that I am old, though she does that every birthday, and then I remind her that four months and two days later she will be this old too, and then she points out that even then I'll still be older than she is.

In any case, I went into Fry's -- the local computer supply superstore and general geek Mecca -- looking for little bitty metric screws to properly affix my laptop keyboard to the laptop. Unfortunately, they didn't have any little bitty metric screws, only little bitty Imperial screws....

I ended up getting an impulse-buy birthday present for myself instead.

They had a large mountain of buckets of Legos in one of the main aisles -- set 5369, which is a collection of 700 multicolored basic bricks, at $9.99 each. Like I said: geek Mecca. Do they know their audience or what? I decided that my impending birthday was a sufficient excuse for a minor extravagance, and thus came home with five boxes. (Well, actually, I came home with two boxes, thought about it some, and went out to HSC supply in Sunnyvale and got laptop screws and went by the Frys down there and got three more boxes.) Then I opened all the boxes and sorted the Legos into piles by color, as you can see in the picture.

They have orange Legos now. And green ones. I wonder if it is a sign that I am old that I find this slightly disconcerting.

Then I used most of the white Legos to build an eight-inch-high model of a combination desk/bookshelf that I'm working on designing and having trouble figuring out whether I like the proportions and stuff. I don't have photos of that yet, though.

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