Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

The neighborhood has been Nutella'd!

Sometime this morning, someone came by and put nutella on our doorknob.

A sample container thereof, I should point out. It's a plastic baggie, about the size and roughly the coloration of a standard-issue doorknob pizza delivery menu, except that instead of lists of pepperoni and mozzerella on it, it has "Spreadably delicious" and a picture of a jar of nutella, and "free sample!" Inside, indeed, is a small container -- the sort that normally contains grape jelly, strawberry jam, or orange marmalade at a pancake house -- of nutella. And a package containing two crackers, presumably for spreading the nutella on, if one happens to be without.

And I noticed this evening, while walking to my car at the train station, that all of the townhouses there had identical packages on their doorknobs as well. (And leback reports that they got some, too.) This is, at a rough guess, a campaign involving tens, if not hundreds, of pounds of little nutella samples.

I am finding this all very strange. Why a massive door-to-door marketing campaign for nutella here? And why now?

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