Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

Such wonderful customer service.

Apparently eBay, in their "mission to provide all our users with the best customer service", does not find it useful to provide said users with a way to submit bug reports about the fact that their picture hosting breaks on two of the three browsers I tried. (And, on the third, it seems to download all of the "expanded view" pictures at once, taking about five minutes on my modem connection, despite the fact that the Javascript on the page only displays one of them at a time, and then half the time forgets that it's downloaded the rest and had to download them again when I want to look at one.)

At least, after fifteen minutes of looking, I couldn't find any such address, and had to send my bug report in masquerading in as a help request, where it will probably be handled by people whose job it is to tell me how to work around the bug, rather than by people whose job it is to decide whether the bug is something they need to fix.

I contrast this to Tuesday, when I was dealing with the Allied Moving people who are moving my brother's stuff to New York. Every time I've dealt with them, I've had a sense that I'm dealing with someone who is personally responsible for getting my job done, and has the authority to act on that responsibility. This wasn't merely about proactively taking care of problems they thought I might have -- anywhere in the process, I was completely sure who to talk to if there was a problem, and equally sure that it would be dealt with in very short order. Even the loading crew on the bottom of the organizational ladder obviously cared about getting things done right, and about making sure I was happy with it.

They're both big companies, at this point. In rather different markets, sure, but it's pretty clear that one of them has paid attention to structuring their organization so that it acts like a small personal company in how it treats customers, and one of them, well, hasn't.
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