Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

Reason to be annoyed with Windows XP, #431.

I'm currently reinstalling Windows XP Pro on my laptop, recovering from a computer crash a couple of weeks ago.

I know from past experience that the Windows XP installation process, at one point in the install, plays music for about five minutes. Nice, bland, vaguely perky Microsoft music. The sort that drives one batty in elevators.

Now, think about this, in a way that apparently the programmers didn't. This is a laptop. The speakers are built in. The volume and mute controls for those speakers are in software.

There is no possible way to turn off the music. It plays, until Microsoft tells it to stop.

And I haven't even got to that part of the install yet this time around, so now I'm just waiting and dreading it.

Can someone tell me where to file this as a bug report?

[Edit: now I'm even more perplexed. I did the same exact thing this time as last time, but it didn't play music. Weird!]


Oh, and I need to type in the 25-letter product key. From the sticker. Which is on the bottom of the laptop. Anyone see a problem there?

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