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Finished moving.

So. Today I moved the last few carloads of stuff out of the apartment and storage room, took the last bag of garbage down to the dumpster, and turned in the keys. We are done.

Goodbye, house.

Goodbye, little pathway up the steps and past the birch trees into the house.

Goodbye, front door with a doorknocker on it that always clattered when I shut it too hard.

Goodbye, kitchen where Suzi and I learned how to share dishwashing, and how not to.

Goodbye, dining room where we had the bowl of pistacios that lured the squirrels through our window screens.

Goodbye, living room where I wrote much of my research programs.

Goodbye, bedroom where we learned to share a bed.

Goodbye, patio where we grew tomato plants that lived two years and produced five tiny (but delicious) tomatos.

Goodbye, view out the window where I occasionally looked to see if Suzi was coming home yet.

Goodbye, tree with a quadrant pruned out of it for the powerlines to go through.

Goodbye, storage room where I kept odd heavy bits of strange things.

Goodbye, little gray neighbor cat that just yesterday was finally unshy enough to be petted.

Goodbye, home.

May you be as much a home for your next tenants, too.

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