Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

So I should probably note, in reference to the last post....

I should probably note that it was 2am when I was writing it, and it's a rather biased view of how my life has been going. It was just a fair number of things that were piling up all at once, in a way that some of them caused others to pile up, and back and forth.

And my work has been going really well lately, and I'd like to spend a bit more time focusing on it (yes, if I were to be on my hypothetical deathbed tomorrow, I would regret not having spent more time working, why do you ask?), but other relationships are going into phases of needing more than the usual amount of time, and so it sometimes feels that no matter how I distribute my time, I'm shortchanging at least one and probably two of the three (counting work as one of them).

I ponder at rosefox's recent post about having lots more people in her life, but also feeling less time-stressed, and wonder if there's something that I should learn in there. I'm not completely sure what -- it's not that I should take any of what I've got and turn it into the sort of "once every couple of months on a whim" thing that she's talking about with some people -- that wouldn't go well with my advisor if I did it with my schoolwork! It might be that, in some ways, having more people in one's life can create an impression of having more time, if it's occasional but adds to one's sense of time well spent. It just might be that I need to figure out how to make some things work in ways that aren't somewhat broken in the ways that they're broken, so that they don't feel like they're demanding all the possibly-available time.

I dunno. Is a ponder, and one that I shall ponder at for a while. And occasionally need to whine at the universe about, I'm sure. But I think it might get somewhere useful, too.

- Brooks, also pondering that it could simply mean that I need to spend more time with rosefox so that her mellowness will rub off on me more; I already know it tends to. *grin*

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