Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

Moving Progress II

Wednesday, after supper: 4 boxes of books moved, unpacked, and empty boxes returned. Also various smaller things, and the first piece of furniture -- our papasan chair.

Total books so far: 31 boxes.
Revised estimate of total to move: 115 boxes, +/- 15.
Estimate of LPs to move: 12 boxes, +/- 4.

We currently have 40 more boxes of books packed, 2 boxes of LPs packed, and around 20 empties. That leaves a shortfall of around 40 boxes, to be made up by unpacking some of these, once moved, and returning the empties. Of the packed boxes, 12 are ones that I would prefer not to unpack; thus, we need to make 2 trips with at least 10 of the boxes, and/or buy more boxes.

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