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Some random amusing (I hope) userpics, free for the taking.

It happens that, occasionally, when I am sitting at my desk late at night, and my digital camera is handy, I get bored and take somewhat random pictures.

Last night, I took a few that ended up making reasonably good LJ userpics, or possibly good userpics, or in a couple of cases only questionably good userpics.

Reasonably, Possibly, and Questionably Good Userpics....

To begin with, I've been learning a few more tricks about how to get good macro pictures from this camera, and was playing around with some of them to see in what situations they worked, and there was a Lego person handy to photograph, so: portraits, at various zoom levels:

On a more whimsical note, we have a sock, on a foot. (Coarse fabric patterns are good for checking depth-of-field with, and this was obviously handy.) The first is pretty close to the real colors; the second has them shifted around to a nice blue weirdness.

Finally, we have some images that I set up particularly for doing a usericon from -- an engineering book that I bought primarily for the title and the nice lettering in which it's printed. (And also because it's a pretty book on the inside, too.)

Feel free to use any of these with reasonable attribution, if you'd like. I may at some point get a paid account so that I can use them, or I might not. In the meantime, I mostly just like making them.

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