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Caution: Experimental Food Ahead

So, it was one of those evenings where suzanne wasn't quite feeling like having dinner (a queasy stomach, and a large lunch), and so I was left to fend for myself. And I was in an experimental mood -- or, more accurately, in a mood for experimentally weird food.

To start with, there are a half-dozen persimmons ripening in the fruit bowl. I picked one of the riper ones, so ripe that peeling it was a matter of tearing off the top and scooping out the pulp with a teaspoon. To that, I added the juice of one fresh tangerine, and a half-tsp shake of dried lavender and mint.

After that sat for a few minutes to let the herbs reconstitute, I took a tuna steak out of the fridge, and spooned some of the persimmon mixture over it and marinated it for ten minutes, turning and rebasting it a couple of times.

Meanwhile, I oiled a small broiling rack with olive oil, and preheated the oven briefly. And then seared the tuna under the oven broiler for seven minutes, turning and rebasting it yet again in the middle, and spooning some of the rest of the persimmon mixture over it when it was done.

To my surprise, it wasn't merely edible, but stunningly good -- the persimmon-tangerine-lavender combination is an exquisitely good counterpart to the medium-rare tuna, and I think I got the proportions nearly right (though a second tangerine would not have gone amiss; they're tiny tangerines). Definitely a recipe to remember and try again, as well as a fun and enjoyable dinner.

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