Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

Another source of good free music files....

Those of you who aren't familiar with Archive.Org should be. They're perhaps most famous for their Wayback machine, which I was just using to try to find a copy of a blogpost from 2001 that has since gone off the air (sadly, they didn't have it), but lately they have been adding lots and lots of other cool stuff that takes up lots of storage space.

For instance, a Live Music Archive. MP3s and other digital copies of recordings of live shows from various bands, in the best bootleg tradition but with permissions from the artists in question. Remember how the Grateful Dead are happy to have fans make recordings and trade them? has over 2000 different concert recordings from them -- concerts, mind, not songs -- going back as far as 1965. Most bands have only a half-dozen or so concerts up, and it's mostly less-known bands (because they're mostly the only ones that allow taping), but they do have some that I've heard of. I just downloaded a Bela Fleck and the Flecktones concert that was recorded from a stage mike -- good stuff!

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