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Hey, so that's actually sort of interesting....

I hadn't expected the LJ-common-interests meme to do anything of note for me, since I didn't think I had anything listed in my interests-list, but I figured it might be fun to see what it did with that case. When it returned a list with "rasff" on it, I figured I might ought to investigate further -- and, as it happens, I had put two things on my interests list: "rasfc" and its expanded form, "rec.arts.sf.composition".

Thus, I suppose these results are not so much representative of things I might be interested in, as representative of common interests for rasfc-people.

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. science fiction score: 19
2. fantasy score: 16
3. writing score: 16
4. sf score: 15
5. reading score: 12
6. books score: 10
7. rasff score: 10
8. speculative fiction score: 9
9. usenet score: 8
10. rasfw score: 8
11. nanowrimo score: 7
12. vernor vinge score: 7
13. rec.arts.sf.fandom score: 6
14. mary gentle score: 6
15. tea score: 6
16. crochet score: 6
17. ken macleod score: 6
18. greg egan score: 5
19. buffy the vampire slayer score: 5
20. kim stanley robinson score: 5

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Yeah, not too many surprises there at all. Except, perhaps, for the noted absence of cats, chocolate, and Jewish minutiae. And, of course, writing, but it's not as if rasfc ever talks about that very much.


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