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So we have new cabinets.

They've been putting in new kitchen and bathroom cabinets in all the apartments in our complex. This started sometime in February, and we were told that it would probably be mid-March when the crews got to our apartment, but ... well, apparently things are slow.

They timed it exceptionally conveniently for suzanne, too -- she's in Boston on vacation, and thus doesn't have to deal with any of it. Meanwhile, I got to take her to the airport at 5am this morning (giving me about four hours of sleep), and get back in time to have a couple of hours of nap before I had to be up and ready for the construction crew to arrive.

Anyhow, they showed up, and we moved a couple more small things out of the way, and they immediately started tearing out the old cabinets which much loud hammering noises and splintering of wood, and I left for work.

Now that I've returned, I find that they've done all of the installation, but they need to return tomorrow to grout the tiles behind the stove, and paint a bunch of newly-patched and jointed wallboard where the configuration of the counters has changed.

Speaking of which: we seem to have one fewer broom closet than we used to, and about 30" more counter space in the kitchen. The counters do stick about five or six inches out into the carpeted area (all of the bits of the kitchen -- the different floor, the different ceiling, and the counters on either side -- used to end at one place, but now they're sort of weirdly uneven), and we also have counter where the broom closet had been. This does mean that we have rather a bit less storage space, though.

The bathroom counter is about the same size as the old one, so not much change there. They did replace the in-wall medicine cabinet, and I rather wish they hadn't -- the original one was nice solid wood, and the current one is a cheap molded plastic unit with a mirror door that wobbles as if it were cheap molded plastic too; it looks like something one could pick up at the dollar store.

Anyhow, pictures of the current state of things:



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