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A version of the 21-song mix CD minimeme

So, rivka was doing a mix-CD swap, which involved picking 21 songs fitting a somewhat very random 21 categories. And I thought that, although I probably wouldn't get around to actually making such a mix CD, not to mention swapping it, it might be entertaining to figure out what I'd put on it. So, here's my list.

1. From the last CD you purchased

Well, this is going to be nontraditional for a mix CD! Off this one, though, I'd go with the first part of Hindemith's "Konzertmusik for Piano, Brass, and 2 Harps", Op. 49.

2. Labeled blues or "the blues"

This might take some thought; I don't have one offhand. Although a quick bit of searching though my mp3 directories for "blues" finds Paduc, "Accordion Bubble Blues" (from, which might work ... although, now that I listen, I find that I like his "Hank Street Blues" rather quite a lot, and the accordion-bubble one is rather a bit too bubbly to really be blues.

3. Gets you going in the morning

Vangelis, "Voices", probably does that as well as anything that's short enough to fit on a mix CD.

4. Romantic

I figured I'd have a hard time picking one for this, but then I found three. I'll probably go with Peter, Paul, and Mary, "I'm in love with a big blue frog"; I could just as easily go with Crosby, Stills, and Nash, "Southern Cross", or Flanders and Swann, "Just Friends", but those both seem to want to fit elsewhere.

5. One of the first you remember hearing

Hmm. Can't put Rachmaninoff's "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini" on there whole, so I'll just excerpt the 17th Variation, as played by Van Kliburn and whatever orchestra goes with that recording.

6. You discovered from a film

The only thing that would fit this category is the theme music to "Star Wars" and "Lord of the Rings". I think I'll pick some of the "Lord of the Rings" soundtrack -- maybe the bit from when they're going down the river between the statues of the kings of Gondor, if I could find a reasonable bit there to snip out without doing too-obvious fades at the ends.

7. From your favorite band or artist

I don't really do favorites -- or, if I do, they change by week. Also, I seem to have preferences for certain styles of music by given bands/artists, rather than their whole repitoire. Such as, say, Savatage when they do quiet (for a metal band) orchestral pieces, such as All that I Bleed (which, ok, isn't quiet at the end, but it starts out that way). And this song is sort of an epitome of one of my favorite microgenres, so it's got a favorite in there somewhere.

8. From a band or artist that you don't really like except for this song

This one is a hard one, I think; I don't think I have anything that really fits this category. Rather than doing a cop-out such as citing a one-hit-wonder band that I've only heard one song from, I think I'll just take a pass.

9. A lullabye

It's not exactly a lullabye, but Annwn, "The Bard's Exhortation to the Salaryman", is certainly close enough to fit.

10. Makes you laugh

Flanders and Swann, "Just Friends", since it got bumped from the romance category.

11. A really good cover version

And, since I'm in a perverse mood, a snippet from Meco, "Star Wars"; probably a few minutes from the opening title. ... er, no, that goes in "Funky!". Taking a bit of a cue from Rivka, I think I'll put in the Pickin On' cover of Hotel California

12. Reminds you of school days

I don't know that any do, really; I didn't listen to much besides classical until grad school, and I don't think that really counts. Although I think I'll put in Meatloaf, "A kiss is a terrible thing to waste", since the memory I've got associated with that really does count as a "school days" sort of thing even though I was in grad school when it happened. (I could, alternately, have put Flanders and Swann's "The Second Law of Thermodynamics" here, as it's vastly appropriate.)

13. From an artist you are embarrassed to admit you like

Oh, that's hard. I tend to embarass other people with the artists I like. Pass, I think.

14. Funky!

The snippet from Meco, "Star Wars (and Other Galactic Funk)" which I pulled from 11.

15. For those quiet rainy nights

I don't suppose my thunderstorm recording counts? It's about the only way to get quiet rainy nights around here this time of year; sigh. Also, I can't really think of anything, because when I want quiet, I usually turn off the music, particularly if there's rain to listen to. And a 4'33" track of silence is ... well, it's been done, and it's altogether the wrong sort of silence anyway.

16. No matter when you hear it, it makes you feel good

Oddly enough, Meatloaf, "Life is a lemon (and I want my money back)". When I get depressed, most happy music just bounces off. And this one's over-the-top enough that even if I start out seeing it straight, I'm laughing at the end. Er, no, I just realized (10 minutes after posting this) that I have two Meatloaf songs, so that's no good. And curiousangel reminded me of the existence of "Ballroom Blitz", which I don't have a copy of, but fits quite well here.

17. With the word "Look" in the title

And, again, we go to the mp3-pile search. And what do we find, but the Brobdingnagian Bards doing a quite pleasant cover of "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life". It's either that or Arlo Guthrie's "John Looked Down", which I think is a joke that somewhat falls flat on replaying.

18. From a member of the Dead Rocker's Society

Considering that I don't really have much clue about the demise or lack thereof of various rockers, I'll probably have to finesse this one as well, putting in a dead band instead. And I seem to be wanting to put Kansas, "Carry on, my wayward son" on here, so on here it goes.

19. Is your favorite Elvis song

Have I got a favorite Elvis song? (Have I got any Elvis recordings?) I think this should be a pass.

20. Anything else that fits

Given the length of the stuff I'm picking, I'd be surprised if there's room for anything more here than the 8-second-long "Hampsterdance Theme". But, it's a virtual CD, not a real one, and I'm sad to have left Crosby, Stills, and Nash, "Southern Cross" off earlier, so on it goes.

21. By Johnny Cash (or about Johnny Cash)

Johnny Cash, "One Piece At A Time". Mainly because I don't have a copy of the "We did it our way" cover of "I did it my way" that he once did for a Saturn commercial; I'd love to have a copy of that, presuming it actually exists outside of possibly-warped memory.

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