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This cat is Not Helpful.

So. We have a cat, which, although not actually our cat, comes by fairly often and inhabits our chairs. We leave the patio door open slightly, so the cat can get in and out.

There are also, as mentioned elsewhere, squirrels which inhabit this apartment complex. One would suspect that having a cat in the place would keep them out, so that leaving the door open wouldn't be a problem.


However, this seems to be a faulty hypothesis. It is worth pointing out that the squirrel caught in the above photograph did not just came from outside -- he came from our couch, where he was sitting when I noticed him. He fled to the doorway in front of the cat when I got up, but it is further worth noting that he remained there, nibbling at tracked-in leaves, while I retrieved the digital camera, turned it on, and took five flash photographs.

The cat, of course, was content to merely watch the squirrel with a vague lazy lack of curiousity, and has now gone back to sleep without having left the chair.

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