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Merry Christmas!

It is being a good visit home. We got back to Virginia about a week ago, and have been spending days somewhat alternately with my mother and with suzanne's mother. Today was with my mother, and my brother who also got here a couple of days ago.

The first big event of the day was the Christmas Eve service at the church that my mother has been helping start. It's their first Christmas Eve service in their own building -- in previous years, they've had the service in their small rented place in a strip mall, and then in various community recreation centers when they outgrew that, but this year they have their own place. It used to be a furniture store, and the interior sheetrock walls to make it into a church are still being installed; the worship room is finished, but the back wall is still unpainted. Yesterday I was helping string white christmas lights to mark out the aisles and make "paths of light out into the world"; I think we ended up using nearly a dozen extension cords for everything (most of the power plugs aren't installed either).

It was a fairly simple service; a couple of readings from the Bible (which I and my family did one of), interspersed with some songs, and a sermon on God giving us the light of his love and us bringing that light into the world (thus the light paths; it all ties together). Very fun music; the church is one that's trying to reach out to young people, and thus has a band providing the music rather than a choir -- with drum set, guitars, and so forth. All the band members are still in high school, I think, but they've been doing this for a few years now, and are very good at it.

So, anyhow, we did that, and it was a wonderful service. And then we came home, and cooked supper: roast beef, popovers, asparagus, sauteed mustrooms, and salad. Much fun cooking, and all of us helped do something -- I made the popovers. And we opened presents. Just a few of them; my mother really liked the pitcher I found for her -- I was in Cost Plus about a week before coming out here, shopping for presents for other people, and found some pottery pitchers in white with strawberries on them for 50% off of an already low sale price, and I thought that it was very much something she'd like. And I also found a camera just like the one that she used to have (yay eBay!) and gave that to her -- my brother seems to have permanently borrowed her old one, and every so often she talks about missing it, so now she has one and he has one.

And now it is past midnight, and I go to bed. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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