Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

In which my life conspires to imply a horrible pun....

Most of this story is just setting up context.

There's a local company out of the Monterey Bay called Real Good Fish, which is basically like a farm share except with fisheries. They sell subscriptions, and each week you get some sort of fish or seafood that was locally and sustainably caught. Or occasionally with some of the shellfish, sustainably farm-raised. Where a farm-share would typically deliver a stack of boxes to various local pick-up points, Real Good Fish delivers a large cooler of ziplock-bags of fish. One of their local pick-up points is on Google's Mountain View campus, and since that's pretty close to our house, I volunteer to do the various "local site host" things. What that means is that I meet the delivery-person mid-day on Thursday to bring the cooler into the building, and then in the evening (or sometimes Friday) I go back to empty the ice and fishy water out of the cooler, and occasionally collect any forgotten fish shares.

This week, the delivery happened to be mussels. I've found that, while mussels and oysters are great in theory, in practice they're a lot of prep work for not much result, so I (and a couple of other people at our site) have signed up for the "shellfish opt-out" option, and on weeks when they would normally bring us shellfish, they bring us some other sort of fish instead. This week, it was filets of a large species of flatfish.

As usual, after meeting the delivery, I picked my fish out of the cooler and took it back to my office building to put it in the fridge there. That's in the far side of the Sunnyvale Google campus, about ten minutes down the highway from the Mountain View campus.

When I left this afternoon, I was hurrying out for an appointment and thus forgot and left my fish in the fridge. After the appointment we ended up having a late dinner and then I spent a while faffing about for a while rather than going to empty the cooler. It got to be quite late, and I considered leaving the cooler until tomorrow, but mussels can get a bit smelly fairly quickly, and it's easier to get to the building in the evening rather than mid-day when it's all busy, so I decided to go ahead and go empty it.

And, while I was there, I considered whether I wanted to also go get my fish from the office fridge.

And so...


(wait for it)


...actually, no, I did not in fact drive to Sunnyvale tonight just for the halibut. It was too late, and I was too tired, and the halibut will be fine in the fridge until tomorrow.

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