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Random artistic scribbles

A while ago, I bought an inexpensive computer drawing tablet to use for making random computer art. It then sat next to my desk, in its box, for quite some time, as such things tend to do for me.

This week, though, I have been setting up a new-to-me computer [1] as a "creating things" workstation, and meanwhile [personal profile] green_knight had mentioned that Clip Studio Paint was having a 50% off sale, and more-importantly said that "this is, by far, the best application for drawing and artistic endeavours I have found." Half-off was only $25, so I bought a copy, installed it on the new computer, hooked up the tablet, and had just enough time to play with it for a few minutes before bedtime.

One of the great things about having kids is the reminder that one can enjoy doing artistic scribbles without doing Great Art or even doing anything particularly skillful, and that there's no shame in doing that. Also the reminder that, if one doesn't know what to draw, houses or stick figures or stylized animals are a good starting place.

And so I had fun, which is behind a cut tag so as not to overfill your virtual refrigerator with scribbles.

This is Bob. Bob started as a crosshatched circle, in which I learned that the stylus wants rather more pressure than I'm used to from computer input devices (and, for that matter, from many drawing implements). Bob then got a head, arms, feet, a hat, a pocket, and a necktie. And then some color.

I'm not sure if this bird is a Thrush-Bob (in [profile] ursulav's usual naming scheme) or has some other name. This was me playing with watercolor brushes and colors. One of the nice things about drawing on the computer is that watercolors don't get muddy the same way they do on paper, and overpainting and erasing work well. On the other hand, that sometimes-muddy blending is part of what makes actual watercolors get the effects they do, so at some point I expect to see how to get that behavior on the computer.

So, I had fun, and I've now stuck the "art" up on my virtual refrigerator for you to admire, as is the proper thing to do with art of this sort.

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