Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

Chronicles of Cal the Bard, episode 1

In which actual plot progression happens!

Once Cal joined the party and introduced himself, we all went wandering off to Minister Li's house to see what was happening there, as the rest of the party had just reached town and apparently this was a bit of a "home base" for them. What was happening was primarily a lot of people bringing by politically-expected gifts for Minister Li on this occasion (I believe, in addition to the wedding, he had just been promoted to Prime Minister Li), and so his wife and concubine were having to deal with accepting all of those and finding places to put them and so forth.

If I'm remembering correctly, Vattu used some sort of magic to skip the line of people trying to get in, and we got directed around back to the servants' entrance, with the clear implication that we were certainly not reputable enough to use the main entrance. We rested, and Cal made introductions and determined whether we could be of any assistance with the gift-wrangling. Cal was also introduced to Enwe's tree, which was a twisted viney carnivorous thing that kept trying to eat the gardener, and which Mrs. Li had clearly put in the least-visible corner of the garden. I don’t recall if it was then or later that Cal learned that if Enwe were to be killed, the tree would regrow her a new body in a week or so.

The party also buried the diamond in a reasonably good hiding spot in the garden, guarded by the tree, because carrying it into the wedding would obviously not be the thing.

The biggest bit of gossip around the Imperial Wedding was about who the Emperor was going to marry. This was being kept a tremendous secret -- only a very few people knew, and we were not in that group of people. We were fairly certain, but not entirely certain, that the (young, a bit inexperienced) Emperor was one of the people who knew. Speculation included a number of the other Icons -- the Blue Dragon, the Elf Queen, the Black Dragon, and the Diabolist were the ones I remember as prime contenders. The Priestess was in charge of arranging the ceremony, so it seemed unlikely (but plausible) that she was the bride.

We then got sucked into helping out with minor arrangements, helping Claire -- who was all in the thick of this, being a cleric of the Priestess -- with some various things and thus also being able to avoid all the crowds getting into the ceremony when it started.

And then, at the start of the gaming session where we (the players) expected to be playing out the actual wedding, we (the characters) instead found ourselves walking up on a pile of straw in a dark catacombs, with no recollection of anything since the previous gaming session.

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