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I really ought to start writing up more of my tabletop gaming sessions.

This bit, though, I just have to share. We ended tonight's situation on a bit of a cliffhanger, as we'd just discovered some orcs that started shooting at us, but there wasn't time to actually play out the battle. And also a bit of a cliffhanger in that our wood elf was literally hanging off the side of a large rock. As I explained it in chat afterwards:
Our DM has put us in this underground basalt cavern. Lake of lava at the bottom, stairs curving around the side of the cavern from near the top where we are down to a bit above the lake, and then there's a bridge across the lake from there to a giant door (carved with a demon face, naturally). There are foggy fumes rising up from the lake, to about eight or ten feet above the bridge.

Our wood-elf ranger-type went first, and got halfway across the bridge before bits of it started floating off with her and nearly dumped her off, and about that point some orcs that had been hiding under the staircase somewhat away from the bridge starting shooting arrows at her.

Meanwhile, I have established that there is a clear surface to the top of the fumes (which is relevant, as I have magic boots that can "walk on any surface"). I have also established that the fumes are largely vaporized rock.

I am a Dwarf Bard.

This means I have two major strengths in magic. Rock, of the musical sort, and rock, of the stone sort.

And I note that this is a cavern, which means it echoes.

My plan is to find a spot on the staircase that's near the end of the bridge at at a point that will focus echoes on the orcs and is down in the vapors, pull out my axe, turn the gain on it all the way up, and play the "sonic blast" spell that I have renamed to "power chord".

And assert that I amplify it with the stone magic such that the sound waves compress the vapors into walls of stone crashing into the orcs.

We shall see if the dice let me get away with this, but my dwarf is having an 'I have trained ... all my life ... for this exact moment" feeling right about now.

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