Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

Today's installment of Excessively Thrifty Recipes

Step 1:

* When making fried eggs for 5-year-old who will only eat egg whites, separate the yolks into a small tupperware kept in the freezer.

Step 2:

* When making lasagna, thaw out the accumulated dozen-or-so yolks and add them (along with some dried basil) to the cottage cheese for the filling, thereby adding extra yummy richness.

Step 3:

* To make a nutritious breakfast from a mostly-emptied fridge, take leftover cottage cheese and egg yolk mixture that didn't fit into lasagna, and cook in a frying pan until it simmers, thereby making a thin cheese sauce. Place in a bowl, and let it cool somewhat. As it cools it will revert to a cottage-cheesy texture. Eat by dipping toast spears into it, like fondue.

Accompany with a ripe avocado from where someone didn't pick up their farmshare delivery at work. (Unclaimed bags are up for grabs after 8pm; this was two days later.)

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