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So, those "Autumn Gold" appliances from the 1970s....

I know that we tend to mock them a bit (along with the Avocado Green ones), but I just came across a picture on Tumblr that shows some of them in context, and in context it's clearly the right color for them to be.

Actually, now that I think about it, it's possible that mocking Autumn Gold appliances was a 1990s thing and I'm just way out of date with it and they've now hit a point where they're alluringly retro instead. But anyway. I have to share, regardless, because this kitchen is so great and I love it.

Behind a cut-tag, because large. And eye-searing. You've been warned.

Autumn Gold appliances in context.


(Also, note the ease with which one can knock the pillow off the bed and have it roll into the kitchen sink. That's quite a practical architectural decision there.)

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