Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

Why is the word "seeble" not in common usage?

This word came from the alt.polyamory newsgroup (at least in my experience), and I find myself wanting to use it in other contexts frequently. Most of those contexts are ones where nobody would know what it means, and this is a notable hole in my casual-language vocabulary.

So, definitions, insofar as it works in my idiolect:

seeble, transitive verb [humorous mock-backformation from sibling, brother or sister]: To have a (gender-nonspecific) sibling relationship with the subject, particularly in the metaphorical sense of sharing the same feelings about the current topic of discussion and/or supportiveness and feeling sympathy.

seeble, interjection [from transitive verb seeble]: An expression that one seebles the person one is replying to.

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