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Yay craigslist!

So. Last night, my brother (who lives across the bay in Berkeley) mentioned that he'd seen an ad for a dining table that was just up the road from me, and wondered if I could go take a look at it. I emailed the people in question, and went just after lunch and bought it for him, and got back about 1:15 this afternoon.

I called him, then, to mention that I had it, and to ask about plans for us to meet him and exchange the table and have supper. We agreed on this weekend, and he mentioned that it would be easier for him to come down here so he could pick up his couch.

Er, right.

His couch. Which is exceedingly comfortable, and which he let us keep for the summer while he was interning in Los Angeles, and which we have grown very fond of. And without which we would have nowhere to sit, because we sold the (quite uncomfortable) futon as soon as the couch was moved in.

I mentioned this woe to my brother. Try craigslist, he suggested. So I went, and looked at ads, and looked at the digital pictures associated with the ads, and one of the recently posted ones (1:20 this afternoon) looked quite comfortable and was a reasonable price. I called, and they were about 10 blocks from here.

So, it is now 2:40, and we have bought a very comfortable new couch, and will be going to pick it up and move it in in a couple of hours.

[Update, 5:40pm: We now have the couch home. Picture here!]

[And suzanne agrees that it's quite comfortable, which is good. ]

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