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So, maybe I should post a quiz result....

I mean, it seems to be a sort of thing that one does with livejournals, and I haven't done one except this one, which doesn't really count. And riba_rambles just posted a result from the Polygeek Quiz, and it seemed an interesting thing to poke at.

So, quiz result....

Specifically, I shall run down the questions, as they're much more interesting than the answer.

1. Color Coordination: Do faded blue jeans count as "earth tones"? I mostly seem to gravitate towards autumn colors, aside from that, but I don't really have a color scheme. And they should have the "Color scheme? What's that?" answer; it's traditional.

2. Transportation: They lump "sports cars" in with SUVs for zero points. I do not think that the sports car that I am thinking of is the sports car that they are thinking of. Or else they are forgetting that car geeks count.

3. Vocabulary: Pedant point: using "polymath", etc. in conversation does not count as using "poly" in conversation; it counts as using "poly-" in conversation, and there is a difference.

4. Humor: Jokes? I'm supposed to do jokes? Er, no. I do puns, usually, and aspire to witticisms. I aspire wistfully at witticisms of the form that Graydon accomplishes without hardly trying. These do not "start with" anything resembling humor, which is why they are funny.

5. Office Socializing: My "office party" is a group of grad students getting together to play boisterous card games. I do not think this is the "office party" they are looking for.

6. Love Life: And, furthermore, the "girls of the internet" that I would have in my love life are certainly not the girls of the internet that they're thinking of.

7. Reading Material: Ok, I do have at least a shelf full of academic texts that I bought merely from personal interest. We are now 1 for 7 on questions with answers that fit.

8. Party Conversations: I don't talk about my newest computer, or my newest anything. I talk about whether or not there has been any advance in non-game home computer applications that needs a faster computer for anything other than useless fluff.

9. Television: I can name zero reality television stars, yes. We are now 2 for 9 on questions with appropriate answers.

10. Hobbies: I read and play with electronic gadgets. But it doesn't let me pick both. And why is this claiming to be a "polygeek" quiz (as explicitly opposed to a computer geek quiz) if it considers electronic gadgetry above reading? ... Er, wait; according to the source it counts the electronic gadgetry as less geeky; this, I will approve of.

Music Round: Sure, fine. But this list is quite insufficient to encompass the breadth of my vinyl record collection. Where's Meco? Walter Carlos? Philip Glass? Schoenberg? Stan Freberg? And I have a couple of orders of magnitude more than 2 classical albums; isn't that worth more points than just ">2"?

Bonus Round (Word Association): Is it really worth 10% of geekness to consider cereal a dinner food and (presumably leftover) pizza a breakfast food? This seems bogus; they're both stuff I eat for lunch. And I am supposed to associate a word with Britney Spears? And, judging from the words I get to pick from, it's associating a word with Britney Spears' body? Er, hmph. She's got long straight hair, right? And is somewhat young looking? I don't think this question is doing me much good.

The Results:

So. It appears that I am 50% geek, +/-5% depending on answers to things where the wavestates could plausibly collapse to more than one of the answers. Yay.

I have no idea how accurate that is, really. The 50% is probably not too far off, although potentially somewhat low; the +/- figures are almost certainly too narrow of a range.

Er, so.

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