Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

An amusement and also a bit of sadness

I was going through my ripped-CD collection as part of transferring it to a new computer, which meant going through and associating album art with the various albums. And one of the ones that didn't have album art already in the system was Annwn's Come Away to the Hills, so I went off on a web search to see if I could find a copy -- and found that the whole album is downloadable online on the bandleader's website, with notes and such.

And that means I can share a song that I'm particularly fond of with you all: "The Bard's Exhortation to the Salaryman", which the bandleader wrote "to poke fun at [one of her spouses] during a time when he had a day job and she didn't." It's a cheerfully fae little song about luring someone off to the hills, with a level of lighthearted humor and also a bit of reminder to spend a little time away from work.

Unfortunately, while I can share that with you, I can't tell her how much I enjoyed it ... because, as I found out reading other parts of her site, she died in a motorcycle crash a few years ago, about the time I happened across the CD. And so I am sad.

Anyhow, go listen. It's a fun song.

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