Brooks (brooksmoses) wrote,

World's simplest mushroom soup recipe, now as pasta sauce.

So, a while back, I posted a very simple mushroom soup recipe, which basically involved boiling lots of mushrooms in about enough vegetable broth to cover, and then pureeing.

It turns out that if you take that and add tomato paste and some appropriate spices, you get a really tasty pasta sauce that has a lot of the characteristics of a bolognese while being vegetarian (and enough of its own thing to not be just fake-meat-sauce). And it's even friendly to vegetarians who don't like the texture of mushrooms because it's all pureed and stuff.

(chinders said it tasted exactly like Chef Boyardee, oddly. Speaking of whom, did you know that Chef Boiardi -- who founded the Chef Boyardee food line and was its namesake -- directed catering at President Wilson's wedding?)

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