December 31st, 2019


Possibly The End (of this journal)

The end of the decade seems like a good time to close chapters that have been left open and forgotten, and this LiveJournal seems like one of those.

On March 5th, 2002, I wrote: "So I seem to have a LiveJournal. Whee! I should go do work now, rather than spending an hour customizing it. :)" I did go do work, rather a lot in the past 17 years, and also a lot of LiveJournal customizing, and lots of posting too.

However, I haven't checked my "reading" page here in years, I think. I meant to, and did for a while, but like many things, the habit faded away. Meanwhile, automated crossposting from Dreamwidth is broken, and it seems unclear if that's a temporary or permanent issue.

At this point, I'm going to trim down my friendslist here to just the people that don't crosspost to Dreamwidth, and probably stop crossposting. (If you have a Dreamwidth account and aren't on my access list there, please let me know!) Life goes on, just elsewhere, and you can probably always email me at to get in touch.

So long, and thank you all for everything. This may be The End of this journal, but the book between these covers was an excellent and lovely piece of my life.
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