January 2nd, 2019


Well, this will end well.

Our gaming session this evening ended on a bit of a cliffhanger.

At the end of the session, we had successfully infiltrated one of the deepest sanctums of the evil cult that is trying to control the evil monster that we are trying to kill before it devours the world. And we were quietly grabbing all of the important books while trying not to wake the cult elder who was asleep on the couch in the middle of it.

Then some of us noticed that this sanctum wasn't just any random giant floating gold cube in the middle of a cave -- it was a millennia-old magical flying machine.

Specifically, our "action archaeologist" character who is basically Indiana Jones if Indiana Jones were an anime Wushu monk noticed this.

She noticed this, and since she has intelligence as her dump stat [1], she immediately got very very excited and started trying to quietly get the attention of our wizard to point out the control lever to him with flailing hand gestures of excitement.

Our wizard, who has wisdom as his dump stat.

Needless to say, he cheerfully pulled the lever.

We'll find out what it does next session, but surely no serious harm will come from this, right?

[1] For non-gamers: When creating a character, one typically assigns a set total number of points among the various attributes (e.g., strength, constitution, dexterity, intelligence, wisdom, and charisma) that determine their abilities. A character's "dump stat" is when a character has a very low value in one characteristic so as to have more points for the others, and also so that they can fail in entertaining ways.

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Also in tonight's gaming session

Also in tonight's gaming session, we had an excellent example of the "fail forward" style of gamemastering.

In trying to infiltrate the inner sanctum of the evil cult that I mentioned in my previous post, we needed to acquire some red robes that the cult elders wear. We had two already, but with five of us, that was insufficient even with the proposed "I'm literally a halfling standing on the shoulders of a dwarf" plan to require only four of them.

We had determined that these are not regularly washed (it being that sort of evil cult), so that there was not a central laundry that we could infiltrate. However, they still had to be being manufactured somewhere, and since this was pretty much a self-contained cult city, it had to be somewhere in the city.

The party then started debating how to best steal some of the robes.

This debating went on rather long, so my character -- being a dwarven spy -- just went off in the brown robes of a normal cult member to steal some, taking the more severely-damaged one of the red robes we had with him. His plan was to simply walk in and say, "I was sent to return this one that's damaged beyond use, and get a replacement and three more for new recruits."

However, I then rolled a 1 -- a complete and total failure -- when trying to do this.

The gamemaster decided that what had happened was that when my character walked in, they had said the traditional greeting of "May the [Evil Monster] be with you," and he had replied with "And also with you," which was entirely the wrong response, and the elders that had also been there had sentenced him to ten lashes with the Cane of Correction for not remembering that it was supposed to be "And also with your spirit."

Before I could decide whether to accept this or attempt to run away, the "action archaeologist" monk walked in wearing the other set of red robes, and attempted to bluff her way into being the one to give the punishment. She didn't roll a 1, or even any sort of failure, and thus succeeded in doing this.

There was then a bit of scene of her character attempting to not actually hurt my character while making it look good, and my character squealing like a stuck dwarf.

So everyone else I think presumed that plan was done, but my character said in a small defeated voice, "Okay, now can I get the robes I was sent for please?" and after the rest of the players finished laughing, the monk led my dwarf by the ear back to the robe manufactury and said sternly, "Now take your replacement robes and remember the doctrine next time, heretic."

And thus we obtained the robes we needed for infiltrating the sanctum of the elders.

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