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Brooks' Journal
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Sunday, August 26th, 2018

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Dreams are frustrating
Ah, that feeling of waking up from a really amazing Broadway-style song at the end a dream, and realizing that not only can you not remember enough of it to recreate it and so will never hear it again, but the the bit you do remember from the peak of the crescendo in the chorus doesn't even actually scan.

The lyrics I do remember are mocking me about this. "Nothing's ever truly lost, nothing's ever gone." The melody is roughly (with some tweaks to make it scan) C C B C high-C C B, A B high-B B A.

I would also like to know how, when you're having a sing-along of a newly-written Broadway song while riding in a car, the composer who's sitting in the back seat with two other people can manage to have a piano with her. I don't think that bit actually works either.

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