December 25th, 2017


Quite a surfeit of turkey

We had a fairly large Christmas feast this evening -- it was going to be ten people (counting the two kids), but ended up with eleven at the last minute. And so I thought, "Aha! This would be a good time to use the turkey that I put in the deep freezer last Thanksgiving."

Last Thanksgiving, we had some last-minute uncertainty about whether we were having a large dinner or a small one, and there were other details and reasons that I don't entirely remember, but I think what happened is that I was doing last-day shopping and there were two turkeys left at the butcher shop and I took the larger one because the other person looking at them preferred the smaller one, and then I decided it was too large for the quantity of people we had then, and put it in the deep freezer and went to a different store to buy a smaller one, or something like that. As I say, the details are hazy. But the result is that there was a 26.8-pound turkey in our deep freezer, waiting for an appropriate opportunity.

I expected that there would be some leftovers. This turned out to be an understatement.

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I may not buy a similarly large turkey in the future. But at least if I do, my expectations are now suitably calibrated. And I now feel like we have a cultural-narrative-ly appropriate quantity of leftovers -- and it is pleasing to have gotten this much goodness out of making broth and such alongside the main cooking.

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