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Brooks' Journal
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Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

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I've been meaning to post a link to this....
Saint Harridan Kickstarter project

This is an example of one of the really nifty sorts of things that Kickstarter is making possible. Saint Harridan is a line of clothing -- specifically, a line of formal suits, for women, that are styled as men's suits rather than the traditionally "feminine" styling of basically everything that's available for women today that's not custom-made.

They're priced like a good man's suit; from what I can tell on the page, they're of the quality of a good man's suit. (They have real pockets!) But designed to fit women, rather than just happening to.

Also, their models are astoundingly attractive in a not-traditionally-feminine way, which I suspect many of you may appreciate.

Anyhow, they're well past their funding minimum, so this is definitely a going thing -- but if you want in on the first round, you've got until tomorrow evening before it's done.

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