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Brooks' Journal
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Friday, April 6th, 2012

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AKICILJ/DW: Patching knees of blue jeans?
I've noticed something, now that I've had a dozen or so years of not outgrowing my blue jeans: They all wear out in the same pattern. There's a diagonal fold that goes out to the left knee, and eventually it wears through and there's a small diagonal hole there, and if I use the jeans at all actively after that, soon thereafter there is a large crosswise rip across the front of the left knee.

This wasn't a problem for a while; my jeans were getting generally worn and faded out of "good clothes" usefulness faster than the knees were ripping through once I started wearing them for "old clothes" uses. But then I started exercising on climbing walls, and that changed very quickly -- I have at least a half-dozen jeans that would be great for climbing except that they've got a big rip across the knee, and a couple of pairs of good jeans that I don't want to subject to abrasive stuccoed walls.

I tried simply sewing up the rips, pinching them together and stitching across the gap. This works for a week or three, but then pretty quickly pulls the crosswise threads out and there's a hole again.

So, those of you with experience in the ways of fabric: What's the right way to repair a large rip in the knee of a pair of jeans? I don't really care about aesthetics, but I do want something that I can use actively and which won't rip out.

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