December 10th, 2009


Some random things.

Usually it's five random things make a post, but I've only got two, so. (Well, okay, I found a third. So it's three.)

1) I bought a new AMD/ATI video card yesterday, in order to play with their new toolkit for programming video cards for high-performance number crunching. (And also so as to get dual monitors on my desktop again, but that's secondary.) It is by far the largest video card I have ever owned. I tried installing it this evening, and discovered that ATI's drivers are not happy with my version of Windows, and so it is no improvement for graphics and doesn't do dual monitors after all. Also, it seems to be preventing my computer from hibernating, for reasons I can guess at, so it's actually worse than what I had before. I am thus in the position where I am going to be setting up a Linux dual-boot and trying ATI's Linux video card drivers in hopes that they are better than their Windows drivers. This seems like the sort of thing that cannot possibly end well.

2) I have seen recipes for chili con carne that take approximately a year to make, what with building up a meat stock and so forth. They are undoubtably, in the pleasant world of theory, quite good chili. However, this evening I am reminded of a common maxim of photography, to wit and paraphrased: The best chili is that which you actually have on hand. This instance of chili-on-hand involved some leftover ground turkey, a can of black beans, a can of tomato paste, a lot of dried spices, and a result that was essentially the fifteen-dollar-webcam of chili -- but also got cooked by 9:30 despite my not remembering to start cooking until 9:15. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

3) The virus that I had a couple of weeks ago? I am finally, I think, essentially done with it. The last stages have mostly involved being really really tired, and being unhappy about what being tired does to my willpower. Now I just have lots of backed-up work email and to-do items to dig out from under.