September 22nd, 2009


LJ security bug

Reposting from epi_lj:
Some of you may have noticed that weird flash objects rendering as a big hunk of whitespace are showing up on some of your recent posts. I don't know for sure what's going on, but I *suspect* it's something busted with their new, "Your Journal - Your Money" feature. I'm hoping they fix it soon. (I have not opted in to that feature. It seems to be happening on lots of journals that are eligible for the feature, even though the people have not opted in, so, to be clear, this could happen to your posts even if you do not use that feature.)

I'm just posting about it because eeyorerin noticed that when it adds the objects, it also makes your post public. This could be a pretty big concern if you posted anything that you thought was going to be filtered or that you really didn't want public. I just tried this out myself, and it did indeed change the security from friends-only to public.
It also resets the usericon, tags, and mood when it does this.