September 7th, 2009



We have new bookcases!

So, quite some months ago, I had an idea of putting bookcases in our hallway. Narrow bookcases, sized for paperbacks, since hallways are not so very wide -- and besides which, it's useful to have paperback-sized bookcases for one's paperbacks, since they don't pack very efficiently on bookcases sized for hardbacks.

The original plan was just to get some cheap lumber and build something that was quick and simple. But it turned out that really cheap pine has knots which leak rosin, and less-cheap pine is still not all that cheap in quantities suitable for a hallway-full of bookcases, and poplar is rather nicer to work with than pine and only slightly more expensive. And, if I was spending that much on them, I wanted to do a good job, with beveling the edges and so forth. Also, I might as well paint them, since we'd been wanting something that we could paint bright and colorful colors. Thus, the project took a bit longer than I'd anticipated -- but it's now, as of about an hour ago, completely finished. And I'm quite pleased with them, too; they're a very pleasant bright glossy purple, and they hold books, and they're something I'll still be pleased with years from now.

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