April 28th, 2008


So, this is how it goes, eh?

I just wrote my very first multithreaded program using pthreads. A very simple "Hello World" that creates a short array of thread numbers, and then creates a thread for each element in that array; each thread then loads its respective number from the array and prints out, "Hello, I am thread %d!"

Shortly thereafter, I debugged my first race condition in a multithreaded program.

I suppose this is the way of things, then?
Brooks and Suzanne

Fourth Street Fantasy Convention

Because elisem said to, as follows:
So here's the problem: yesterday I heard somebody say, "Fourth Street Fantasy Convention? Oh, yeah, I heard something about... oh, wait, isn't that convention invitational?" Which, you know, it is so very not. Although it's been a little quiet on the publicity end, this revival of the legendary Minneapolis-based fantasy convention of decades back is cheerfully open to everybody who wants to get a membership, and I hope lots of people do, because I'm throwing this big party on Friday night, and Bear and Sarah and some other folks are going to read necklace challenge stories and other Artists' Challenge works, and the more people who are there, the better it'll be.

So here's the offer: if you publicise the convention in your LJ or anywhere else on-line, and link to the Fourth Street website or to my post about my party, and you send me a link (or post it here), I will put you in a drawing for a $50 gift certificate, to be drawn during the convention. Winner need not be present. If you like, you can go ahead and tell people you're posting this because I am bribing you with this because I want lots of people at my party to celebrate and to hear Bear and Sarah and everybody read cool challenge stuff... and tell them that if they put up the link too, I will bribe them with a similar chance.
I wouldn't normally do a copy-and-paste post, but Elise's shinies are very shiny indeed. And also it really does sound like a particularly nifty convention that ought to be promoted. Links as follows:

Official convention website.

Elise's aforementioned party invite post.

Steve Brust's post about what he is trying to do with the programming, which he is in charge of.