December 5th, 2007


I do not understand AT&T.

I don't actually have any dealings with AT&T directly, which I suspect makes this somewhat more confusing. I get my network through Speakeasy, who resell things from Covad, who actually lease the lines from AT&T West. Or, at least, that appears to be the way things are set up, based on the installation process.

Anyhow, I've been getting the connection transferred to the new place, and ... this is where the subject line comes from. The first step in the transfer is that Covad needs to get AT&T to set up a line to the house. This was initially scheduled for this past Monday. However, apparently somewhere in the process, the letter part of the street address got left off, and so AT&T got confused and decided that they couldn't run it without knowing that, despite the fact that there is exactly one exterior phone box on the building, about the size of a phone book, so the unit number makes utterly no difference to where they run the line. Also, apparently they did not realize that this was a problem until Monday when they tried to do whatever it is that they tried to do (which did not actually involve going to the house, because if they had, then they would have quickly found out which unit it was).

And so things got rescheduled to Thursday.

So, given that things were rescheduled to tomorrow, why is it that today's update on the installation process includes a notation from Covad that, at 4:37 this afternoon, AT&T notified them that the line had been installed?

(This wouldn't really be annoying, if it weren't for the fact that theoretically I'm supposed to be at the house from 8am to 5pm on the day the install is scheduled -- a place with currently no furniture and no internet connection, which makes it rather hard to work! Though since the ostensible reason for me being there is to give them access to the phone box on the off chance that they need to get to it, I have figured that since the box is accessible through an unlocked gate, and I'm two minutes away, a note on the door will suffice. And apparently it more than sufficed, since I hadn't even put it up by 4:37 this afternoon.)

Yay phone companies. This is why I let Speakeasy deal with them.