October 5th, 2006


In other programming news....

I just (a couple of days ago) got approved for write privileges to the GCC source tree, so that I can directly make changes in the official sources all by myself. It's "write after approval" access, which means that I'm not supposed to upload anything until one of the maintainers looks it over and says it's okay, though.

Mostly what I'll be working on is fixes to the GNU Fortran manual. It needs a lot of work.

On the authors of dictionary entries....

Or, "If that's not H. G. Fowler's writing, I'll be remarkably surprised":
simile, n. The introduction, esp. in poetry or poetical style, ostensibly for explanatory or illustrative purposes, but often in fact for ornament only, of an object or scene or action with which the one in hand is professedly compared & usu. connected by a comparative conjunction....
That's from the Oxford Concise Dictionary (1924), which was excerpted out of the O.E.D., so it's certainly one he could have written.
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