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Brooks' Journal
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Friday, April 14th, 2006

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The advantages of car thieves.
I may or may not have posted about having Suzi's car broken into a couple of months ago. In any case, it was, and for some reason all that got stolen was the loose change (except the pennies, which they sorted out and left behind) in the armrest tray. They got the radios and other valuables from some nearby cars, though....

In any case, just now I discovered the silver lining.

See, our car has been dripping a little oil occasionally, so there's a piece of cardboard on the floor where it parks, to catch that. Except that the cardboard tends to end up in the wrong place, so when I got home just now, I stopped to adjust it -- and managed to lock the keys in the car, with the engine running, in the middle of our underground parking area. Argh. There's a downside to a reflex-habit of locking the door whenever I get out.

And, as it happens, the car thieves had broken into the car in a way that didn't involve specialized tools, and didn't actually damage the car beyond breaking a small bit of trim that I'd glued back together, and which had made it quite clear how they'd done it.

Thus, just now, it took me less than a minute, with only the assistance of a carpentry square, to replicate their work and get into the car and turn it off and retrieve my keys.

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