March 28th, 2006


In which my brain melts.

So, I seem to have figured out just how much work I could do today before my brain suddenly melted out my ears, by expedient of doing enough work to cause it to do so. As it happens, the stuff that I was working out fit fairly well into a narrative format, and I was thinking of making a blog post out of it, so I decided to write it up as one while I was working on it, and thus have a record of it in case anyone's interested. This is, I think, a fairly reasonable chronicle of how my brain works when I'm thinking about this sort of thing, albeit slightly cleaned up and put into nice neat order.

I should also add a disclaimer that I have no idea whether this is going to make sense to anyone but me; a large part of it is only minimally-cleaned-up stream-of-consciousness writing, and may well make no sense at all to anyone else. And I know it could stand to have some diagrams added. I'm mainly just posting it to see if the brain-melty is contagous.

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