December 1st, 2005


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So, now that I'm finished with the conference, I've been working on planning out all of the remainder of the programming and computations that I need to do in order to finish my dissertation. Today, I went through and made a detailed list of the steps, so as to have an idea of how much effort this was actually going to take.

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My guess is that that's probably going to take somewhere between a half-day and a day of work for each bullet point, on average. Some of them are near-duplicates between the 2-D and 3-D, which means that a lot of it can be reused from one to the other, but the reuse is still not trivial.

I'm trying to not stress about how many bullet points there are.


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So what does it say about me that I get a spam titled "Can You Afford to Ignore Small Caps?" and my first thought is one that immediately leads to thinking that spam would be a very strange way of advertising expert versions of fonts?
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